How NextStage Helps Seniors: The Process & What to Expect

Below is the process of what working with us looks like. We tailor a custom plan based on your individual needs. You may choose to have any or all of our services – whichever suits your needs best.  (Click the arrows left or right to scroll to the next step in the process.)

1. Free Consultation

2.Custom Move Plan

3. Action Move Plan

4. Home Services

5. Disperse, Donate, Rightsize

6. Pack Team

7. Resettle Team - Move Day

8. Turnkey Welcome Home

1. FREE Consult Visit

A phone consult answers baseline questions to determine if the move timeline & services warrant an in-home visit. Our complimentary no-obligation one-hour consultation allows us to get acquainted, review your needs, & explore the project scope & timeline pertinent for you to make an informed decision. 

Move needs are one aspect of moving when a health or life event presents and is concurrent during the move. NextStage Senior Solutions assures its’ clients we are with you in every step whether the move is simple or complex.  NextStage welcomes the opportunity to gain your trust and confidence when working with us.

2. Custom Move Plan

A contract is provided & a deposit secured to enact the move plan. We are client-centered  “listening” as the key element to what is important to you.   We discuss the major and minor details of household items to be relocated identifying furniture, wall hangings, collectibles, closets & cabinets from present to new living space & items in need of care & special handling.   Recommendations are provided for a realtor(s), cleaning services, handymen, and other vendors that be may be needed to assist.

3. Space & Home Inventory Planning

Home furnishings are tagged, measured, and photographed to prepare a customized floor plan. We rightsize and complement special treasures to mirror placement from the prior living space as close as possible.   We visit the new living community to ensure room measurement accuracy to avoid unwanted surprises on move day & allow creative last-minute furniture planning should changes occur.  Safety recommendations are provided to reduce fall risks when health challenges present.

4. All Home Services & Vendors/Contractors

NextStage executes address change, transfer of utility providers, recommends & schedules mover services in our signature process and any other vendors pertinent to your move plan.  We take the burden from you and serve as a liaison with all necessary contacts when other vendors are needed.

5. Disperse, Donate, & Rightsize

We will identify items with you not moving to the new location and categorize them by Keep, Sell, Dispose of, Donate, Recycle, Ship to family, or place in storage.   Recommendations are provided to rightsize furniture moving to a new facility to maximize space and usage.  

NextStage serves as liaison with realtor & remaining home contents for staging or sale as per the real estate agreement.  You make the decisions — we do the rest!

6. Professional Pack Team & Supplies

Our professional, compassionate and trained staff carefully pack all belongings as if their own with special attention given to items of sentimental or financial value discussed.  Boxes are labeled to streamline efficiency of the pack & resettle process.  This system aids in identifying items during the move transition.   Professional packing & specialty supplies are used to offer safety assurance whether a local or out-of-town move is planned.

7. Resettle Team/Move Day

The Senior Move Manager arrives 30 minutes before the Moving Company arrives.  During this time, all electronics are disconnected, and the few remaining items still in use after prior day pickup will now be packed and included in the van inventory.  Last-minute items typically include (bedding, hygiene and bathroom needs, light kitchen items ie, coffee, toaster) are safely packed. Attention to medications,  important papers, wallet/purse, expensive jewelry, plants, and beloved fur babies are all taken into consideration prior to the arrival of the mover.   Refrigerated items are packed 15 minutes before the mover leaves for the new facility and first off moving truck for refrigeration.  

The resettle team arrives after furniture is in place & box contents are unpacked & placed capturing the essence of clients’ previous home placement and current space in the new facility. Attention to beds made with fresh linens, shower curtain hung, kitchen & bathroom cupboards & closets organized & electronics in place will be complete before you arrive.  We can hang your pictures the same day of your move or the service is often provided by the Facilities Office of the new retirement living community after settling into the new residence.

8. A Turnkey Welcome Home

We encourage clients to enjoy an afternoon away to relax, participate in a fun activity or attend to personal matters needing your attention. The Senior Move Manager will be at your origin and destination the entire day while your new home is being prepared for your arrival. We will remain onsite until your new space is turnkey ready and you are happy. A tour of your new residence is provided before we leave.  This allows time for adjustments if necessary. We remove all packing materials leaving no evidence a move occurred.

Welcome Home!

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