Why Choose Us

  • 25 plus years with Fortune 100 companies in areas of human resources and health care.  
  • Trained as a hospice volunteer for many years, working with patients ranging in critical care, blind/autistic children with multiple brain-based disorders, seniors with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.  The health care journey and business trajectory equipped me when Parkinson’s disease and Dementia hit home on a very personal level.  
  • Living with chronic disease affects the entire family daily from the emotional, financial, and medical needs.  Activities of daily living are often modified based on needs within a given moment.  
  • My business and personal experiences have prepared me to be an effective and creative owner.
  • If your family is away, you get a hands on approach – we are an extension of your hands and feet – helping you or your loved one when you can’t do it yourself or family is too far away.

A Message From Christina:

“My myriad of life and work experience and people skills have prepared and inspired me to serve not only my family, but also countless others in “next-stage” transitions. In fact, my passion is to bring “Quality of Life to Years” and advocate for seniors in transition. It would be my privilege to share with you what I have learned – to provide you with compassionate care – while assisting you in a move.”

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